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We are happy to announce that registration is now OPEN for the 2023 BFL Flag Football Fall season! Registration will END on 09/02/23. Boys and girls grades K - 11 are welcome to join! Our season kicks off on 09/16/23 and our championship games are scheduled for 11/04/23. BFL is affiliated with NFL Flag Football. All games will be played at:

Riverview High School (Football field)
1 Ram Way
Sarasota, Florida 34231

Practices and games will be held on Saturday mornings between 8am - 12pm. The divisions are broken down as follows:
Pee Wee division (1st - 3rd grade)
JV division (4th - 6th grade)
Varsity division (7th - 9th grade) 

There will be 7 regular season games and 1 day for playoffs. The top 4 teams in each division will make it to the playoffs and play in a single elimination format. Champions in each division will receive a trophy and be crowned, "BFL CHAMPIONS!"

Team rosters are a maximum of 10 players total. There are 7 players on the field for offense and 7 players on the field for defense. There is a 4 player minimum required on the field. Throughout the season players will learn basic skills of football such as running, passing, receiving and defending. Each team will have at least a head coach and preferably an assistant coach. Parents or family members are encouraged to volunteer. Coaches make our league possible. Coaching doesn't require much of a commitment and is extremely rewarding!  You can volunteer as a head coach during the registration process. If you already registered your child you can always email us for information on how to become a head coach at: [email protected] or you can call our customer support team at Sports Connect at: 1 (866) 981-2583 Monday - Friday between 9am - 4pm. You can select option 2 for, "customer service" and then option 2 again for, "Parent" and they can walk you through the process. Once we see you have volunteered as a coach we will ISSUE YOU A REFUND OF $50.00! It's our way of saying thank you for volunteering.

Games involve non-contact rules which means all forms of blocking and tackling are prohibited and are comprised of (2) twenty-four minute halves. The clock does NOT stop except for injuries, half-time (2 minutes) and timeouts (each team has one 60-second timeout per half).

The team on offense will start at their 5-yard line and have three downs to move the ball past midfield for a first down. Once a team has crossed midfield they receive four downs to score. In the event the offense does not get to mid field after their 3rd down, they have two options; they can "punt," which means they turn the ball over to the opposing team who starts on their 5-yard line, or they can go for the first down. If they fail to make the first down marker (mid-field), the opposing team will take over possession from the spot of the ball. 

If a touchdown is scored it is worth 6 points and the offense can then opt to go for a 1-point conversion from the 5-yard line or a 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line. For more on our league rules and regulations you can check with your coach who will have all of the rules and regulations in his/her handbook.

NFL game day jersey (included with registration fee)
NFL game day shorts (included with registration fee)
Flag football belts (included with registration fee) 
Football cleats (recommended, metal cleats are NOT allowed)
Mouthguard (MANDATORY)
Football gloves (optional)

Teams will have the opportunity to practice at our practice field prior to their game during game day. This is a great time for coaches to teach their players about the fundamentals of flag football and can work on player skills and the playbook. This is also an opportunity for teammates to form friendships that carry over on and off the field. Practices will be organized and carried out by a head coach, assistant coach and/or team manager. Practices are not mandatory.

Registration is open for individual players as well as complete teams. Friend and coach requests can be accommodated during the registration process by filling out the 'Buddy Request," or "Coach Request" fields. Flag football is a fun way for children to exercise,  learn about teamwork and make new friends!

BFL Flag Football League

Michael Bruno 
Sarasota, Florida 34231

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